Tree Frog Massage Therapy was  first located on the outskirts of Fall River in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is now located in the Inverness area, Scotland, where it is now known as Tree Frog Therapy to better incorporate modalities in addition to Massage Therapy. Tree Frog Therapy offers Bowen Therapy, Scar Tissue Release, Massage Therapy and Wellbeing Coaching from a home-based clinic room in Maryburgh (see schedule page for more details).

The approach used is holistic and assessment will incorporate all aspects which may be impacting health and wellbeing. Treatment plans will be individually designed based on your needs. Packages of care are available.

Tree Frog Therapy aims to work with you to enable your body to recover, maintain health and function optimally. Each client will be assessed, and an individually designed treatment programme will be put in place. Treatments may focus on a specific area, but often the problems are due to imbalances elsewhere in the body. Our philosophy is to work at a depth and pace that will allow the body to adjust and move towards optimum function. Manual Treatments may include fascial release, normalisation of muscle tone, and restoration of postural balances using Massage and Bowen Techniques. Each treatment will be adjusted in approach, pressure, and pace dependent on the needs and preferences of the client, and the responses of their body, to ensure effectiveness and safety of the treatment.

Wellbeing Coaching includes 8 Elements that contribute to overall wellbeing and living at an optimum level. Each of these areas will be considered. Wellbeing Coaching then provides a support to identify challenges, make changes, improve wellbeing.


All laundry and cleaning materials used are environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic