What will happen at my first treatment?

Your initial massage therapy appointment will consist of detailed, confidential intake of your medical history. This will ensure that I have a complete understanding of any related medical conditions. There will then be a complete physical assessment so I can determine the best approach to treatment. Finally, there will be a ‘hands-on’ treatment so I can determine your tissue health.

What do you wear during a massage?

Normally a person would remove clothing on areas where I am treating. The appropriate removal of clothing will be discussed. Only undress as much as is comfortable for you. During the entirety of the treatment you will be covered with a sheet and only the area being treated will be uncovered at any given time.

Should I eat before my massage?

It is best not to eat for 90 minutes prior to massage. Massage will encourage blood to move to areas other than the stomach and intestines which can interfere with the digestion process.

Should I take medications before my massage?

It is recommended not to take anti-inflammatory / muscle relaxants or pain killers prior to massage since they can affect your reactions to pressure. You should let me know about any medications you are taking.

Are there conditions that mean I should not have a massage?

I will ask you to provide a full and accurate record of your health history in order to ensure safety and effectiveness of treatment. Certain conditions may require treatment modifications. Some conditions may require approval from your medical physician prior to receiving a massage. Conditions requiring particular cautions include active cancer, high blood pressure, cardiac and kidney disease and uncontrolled diabetes.

Will there be talking during the massage?

This is totally up to you. I will ask for occasional feedback, but this is a time for you, and I do encourage quiet in order for your body to fully react to it’s treatment. You should also feel comfortable to communicate at any time during the session.

What can I expect after my massage?

Each person is an individual and will react in different ways to their massage. It is likely that you will feel relaxed with reduced areas of muscle tension. You may feel tired. You may also experience some muscle tenderness but this should resolve within 24 hours and I will suggest home-care to counteract any soreness.

Privacy Policy

Health history and treatment records will be held securely at the clinic. Information will only be passed to others with written permission of the client.

Copies of records may be requested in writing by the client, and will be provided on payment of $30

Contact details will not be passed to any third parties. Subscription to the newsletter or email updates can be terminated at any time.


Clients should be familiar with the specific level of cover for massage therapy provided by their insurance plan. Some insurance plans may require a prescription from a medical physician or only cover under specific criteria. Level of cover may not be for 100% of the cost of treatment.

Cancellation Policy

24 hour notice of cancellation is requested. Any appointment missed without cancellation or consultation may incur a charge of 50% of the treatment fee. Repeated cancellations will result in appointments only being made on the same day.