Good Morning Deborah. I wanted to let you know I have noticed a marked improvement in my stamina. My neck has improved and is much better.

SA (after 2 Bowen Sessions) May 31, 2015

Cannot thank Deborah enough for her work on my 12 week old son M. Since receiving Bowen therapy he is feeding better, his digestion and colic has improved and he is altogether a more chilled out little fella! Thanks so much xx


FM January 17, 2018

After being involved in a horrific motorcycle accident leaving me with a 1% chance of survival I have had a long and tough recovery. When coming out of my coma I suffered numerous head aches a day that disrupted my sleep at night and affected my mood. I was also in a lot of pain in particular my ankles, feet, shoulders, neck and lower back. I was then given Deborah’s details to try Bowen. I was a bit sceptical at first, however I stuck with weekly sessions as I wanted to give my recovery a boost. Within the first month I noticed a huge difference in my stiff aching joints, they were beginning to ease and not cause me daily discomfort. My headaches also started to go away and from being regular started to be uncommon. Now I rarely get headaches and I put it down to this therapy. Deborah works wonders and I feel a weekly session helped me wonders. I really look forward to it and afterwards I feel a lot of pressure has been released from me and a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Mood wise I feel in a more positive place and feel pressures that were weighing me down had floated away. After my sessions with Deborah I feel totally balanced and leave happy feeling rejuvenated and that everything is back to being in the right place and sets me up for the upcoming week with brighter spirits. I couldn’t recommend Deborah and this treatment enough! Thank you so much for everything you have done and to help me recover the way I have!

One thing I was very self conscious about after my accident was a big scar on my neck after the accident. It stuck out and I constantly had people asking me about it. Even make up could not hide it. Deborah start working on it and it’s now a lot lighter and less prominent. I hardly know it’s there anymore it feels a lot smoother and softer like the rest of my skin so I am delighted I don’t have this horror scar to live with!! (Scar Tissue Release Technique)

May 8, 2018

Wonderful!! Highly recommend Deborah – I had Bowen and it’s changed my life….sleep evaded me for as long as I can remember – now I’m getting regular decent amounts of shut eye and most of my aches and pains and skin complaints have gone too!! Thank you!!

KM January 17, 2018

Tree Frog Massage Therapy is situated in a very peaceful setting with a large and comfortable treatment room and reception area – all very welcoming. With her previous career as a Registered Occupational Therapist combined with her Registered Massage Therapy training, Deborah is able to provide a very personable and professional consultation. Her diagnosis and treatment for my condition were spot on and I enjoyed full relief from my symptoms within 48 hours. I have no hesitation in recommending Deborah’s services!

Michele Fall River September 22, 2013

A big thank you to Deborah for your excellent therapy and I will return. Miracles do happen. Highly recommended.

RS January 17, 2018