Good Morning Deborah. I wanted to let you know I have noticed a marked improvement in my stamina. My neck has improved and is much better.

SA (after 2 Bowen Sessions) May 31, 2015

Cannot thank Deborah enough for her work on my 12 week old son M. Since receiving Bowen therapy he is feeding better, his digestion and colic has improved and he is altogether a more chilled out little fella! Thanks so much xx


FM January 17, 2018

Your guidance and hard work really put me in a better place. I will miss your healing sessions and especially your kindness.

WM Bowen Therapy May 31, 2015

A big thank you to Deborah for your excellent therapy and I will return. Miracles do happen. Highly recommended.

RS January 17, 2018

“When I first contacted Deborah for potential Bowen therapy, I was experiencing a bewildering array of debilitating symptoms, from head to toes, including back pain, low energy, pressure in the eyes, vertigo, joint and muscle pain, and an unrelenting sense of bodily stress – bewildering not only for me but for my GP. When I meet Deborah for our first appointment, I sensed that a stroke of luck had brought her into my life at this point. After a few weekly sessions, I had a marked improvement on all my symptoms. After each session, I felt a profound calm and relaxation and slept deeply. For half a year, until my symptoms were almost completely gone, our weekly, then bi-weekly sessions were a real highlight for me. The cumulative effect of our sessions has brought a level of serenity to my everyday life. Through Bowen therapy with Deborah, I also learned a life-long skill – to tune in to my body better, and treat its intelligence with respect and gentleness. I cannot recommend Deborah enough. No matter what your symptoms are, you are likely to discover something new, as well as experience healing.”

KK Inverness-shire, Scotlan January 13, 2017

Wonderful!! Highly recommend Deborah – I had Bowen and it’s changed my life….sleep evaded me for as long as I can remember – now I’m getting regular decent amounts of shut eye and most of my aches and pains and skin complaints have gone too!! Thank you!!

KM January 17, 2018